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BEN brings, an abundant wealth of management, talent and experience to its students through the diligent and versatile training sessions in the open & online classrooms.


BEN, pronounced as /ben/ is the acronym of Bionic Education Next; whereby Bionic is the combination of Biology and Electronic, the word Next depicts the visionary approach for the forthcoming advanced learning teaching technologies in the world. Both the words are meant here to take care of the centralised theme word Education. In fact, everyday is a new Day of creating Intellectual Skills into the students at BEN. Our vision is to Let Find a New in You !

Spoken English

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Be a part of Our 3000+ Students' Community where the new Success Stories are emerging every day with the foundation of Our Communication Skills Classes. One Course for Every One!

Quantum Spoken English

Quantum Spoken English - BEGINNERS

30 Modules 90 Sections

Available Online on Our Cloud Server
You can attend classes 24x7 for 365 Days
Regular Fee @ ₹3750 for One Year
Fee Payment Options CARD/G-Pay

Quantum Spoken English - INTERMEDIATE

60 Modules 180 Sections

Available Online on Our Cloud Server
You can attend classes 24x7 for 365 Days
Regular Fee @ ₹3750 for One Year
Fee Payment Options CARD/G-Pay

Quantum Spoken English - ADVANCED

90 Modules 270 Sections

Available Online on Our Cloud Server
You can attend classes 24x7 for 365 Days
Regular Fee @ ₹3750 for One Year
Fee Payment Options CARD/G-Pay

Quantum Spoken English Course is one of a kind English Speaking Course to improve your Communication Skills with unique English Grammar Tips along with Phonetics to speak fluent English. Experience Spoken English in the real sense of Spoken English. वैसे यदि मैं इस Course की तारीफ़ में लिखने लगा तो पूरा Page भर जाएगा किंतु आनंद तो तब है जब आप हमारे Sample Modules को लगा कर खुद यह निर्णय सुनायें कि यह Course कितनी तारीफ़ का पात्र है. On official YouTube Channel 3 Sample Modules are Given to make an Opinion b4 joining the full Course. हाँ बस इतना अवश्य कहना चाहेंगे कि हम ले जाएँगे आपको ता है, ती है, ते हैं की दुनिया से दूर एक अति रोमांचक सफ़र पर जहां ढेर सारी कहानियाँ व्याकरण के अनोखे fundamentals के साथ आपको सक्षम बनाती हैं, अंग्रेज़ी बोलने के लिए ताकि तब जब ज़रूरत पड़े तो बिना सोचे आपके मुखारविंद से अंग्रेज़ी निकले बिलकुल वैसे जैसे आप Fluently हिंदी बोलते हैं. See you in the Classes!


Best Course for हिंदी Medium Students

"I learnt Grammar step by step, commonly used phrases, advance English and much more. It really transformed my life now I can speak English fluently and also can spot errors while the others are speaking. The course added a whole new attitude to my life and I'm really grateful to have mentor like Vikram Sir!"

 Priyanka Daroch

- BSc & IELTS Aspirant

Journey from Grammer to Grammar

"I was always afraid of speaking English before joining Bionic Academy but now I have improved a lot and I'm not only confident but I can express myself easily. Thanks to Vikram Sir who brought such a cool course that totally changed the definition of so Called "English Speaking Course."

Kanika Sharma

- HR Manager, Tourism Industry

Psychological & Scientific Training

"मैंने कभी सोचा भी नहीं था कि English सिखाने के लिए Mathematics का भी Use हो सकता है. जैसे-जैसे मैं Course attend करता जा रहा हूँ, एक Sequence में मेरी Knowledge बढ़ती जा रही है और मेरी hesitation to speak English कम होती जा रही है. Thank you Sir for Launching it Online."

Chetan Raj

- An ITI Student


Vikram S


Communication Skills & IELTS Instructor since 2009 and still Innovating Teaching.

Bhumika S


Managing the Virtual Designs and Course Content with diligence.

Vikas S

DIRECTOR Advt. & Sales

Letting them have Experienced to see an amelioration in the journey to success.



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